Mobile Workspaces

Our mobile workspaces offer all the comforts of home combined with solar power, battery backup, and efficient building systems.

We started with a unique idea – to build rugged mobile workspaces on a tiny home concept. All powered by the sun with zero emissions.

Energy efficient appliance options include wi-fi router, smart TV, security system, heating and air conditioning, bathroom, furniture, smart thermostat, whole house fan, LED recessed lighting, printer, refrigerator, and smart hub system.

Solar Generators

Legacy power generators are aging out because traditional fuels are heavy polluters, and prices are highly unpredictable.

Leave noisy old power generators behind. Move into the modern era with solar generators. We backup solar power with high-density battery packs, and put it all in a mobile power pack that can be delivered with a pickup truck.

Environmental Monitoring Systems

Complying with environmental regulations from the Water Boards, CARB, and LEED is becoming increasingly challenging.

Take your sampling off grid with zero carbon emissions. No need for ‘line power’, diesel generators, or special permits. Air, water, soil, biological, and weather monitoring systems can be integrated into our mobile trailers.

Optional office, datalogger, PLC, cellular modem, remote control, bathroom etc. are available.