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Ioniq introduces a new concept in mobile workspaces that will take you off grid, in style.

Going green doesn’t have to be painful. All the comforts of home combined with solar power, battery backup, and rugged materials to create a truly unique experience.

Ioniq is dedicated to creating an affordable green future by providing custom mobile workspaces powered by clean energy.

Existing mobile workspace fleets rely on fossil fuel power, inefficient building systems, and legacy designs.

Ioniq is focused on making our world more mobile, greener, and smarter. Business is changing, so we’re changing with it, by offering a new way to take your work with you.

Why Ioniq?

Zero emissions. Silent.
Modern, efficient workspace
Made In America, Off-Grid
Inflation Reduction Act Rebates available
Small Business Enterprise (SBE# 2031717), Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE# 51634)
No fuel, no oil changes, no DEF
Mobile, Custom, Smart Systems

Solar powered mobile generators

Already have a workspace? Don’t wait for local utilities to power your job trailer. The entire roof of our mobile generators are covered with solar panels. Our industrial grade, high efficiency panels are connected to a powerful battery pack combined with a hybrid inverter system to take you completely off grid. Our products are designed and built in America. Take advantage of the Inflation Reduction Act incentives for green technologies.

Ioniq is Here

Smart Systems

Enter the modern era with advanced technology. Smart controls are critical to managing energy efficiency. Our power usage can tell us a lot about energy conservation, which is why Ioniq integrated an optional app to track energy usage in real time.

Backup power supply

Construction, environmental monitoring, emergency services, outdoor activities. However you spend your time – consistent power is critical. Ioniq integrated an oversized battery backup system into our workspaces. Solar panels charge the power system during the day, and the batteries keeps you going all night. Ioniq even added a secondary backup generator to supply energy to the batteries during extended rain events and natural disasters.

The Old Way

The Ioniq Way

Deliver your green, modern workspace                                     

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Emergency Services


Environmental Monitoring

Outdoor Activities



Ioniq is based in Sacramento, California, state capital of the world’s 5th largest economy. Ioniq’s founders are California natives, with decades of combined experience in construction, environmental, business management, and real estate.

Ioniq is proudly made in America. Our mobile workspaces and generators are designed and built in America. We are a Certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE #2031717), Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE #51634), Local Business Enterprise (LBE City of Sacramento), and a micro-business (for now).

CEO Colleen Kiley has 20+ years’ experience as a business owner, and in business management, operations, strategic partnership development, intellectual property law, and in luxury real estate sales and development. Colleen earned her B.Sci. in Economics from Santa Clara University.